Our Advantage

How We Get Maximum Results

Over the last 15 years MSP Group founders, Deme Mekras and Elliot Shainberg, have closed nearly $800,000,000 and more than 11,000 units in multifamily sales. MSP Group’s unmatched work ethic and experience consistently delivers best-in-class results to our Clients. Tailoring each marketing campaign to the subject property and specific Client needs, we cast as wide of a net as possible to ensure market exposure that spans the globe and leaves no stone unturned.

Global Reach

MSP Group leverages technology and leading industry resources to ensure a global reach in every marketing campaign.

Specialization | Expert Analysis

MSP Group Clients benefit from expert valuations because we are multifamily specialists. We are acutely aware of market trends, submarket nuances and most importantly, current buyer demand. Our extensive network of active buyers, deep relationships with local, regional and national lenders all contribute to our ability to get even the toughest of deals closed.

MSP Group’s Wide Ranging Investor Pool

Unlike Our Competitors

We pride ourselves on demonstrating genuine care about our Clients’ individual circumstances and objectives. Whether you are a private investor or a billion dollar fund manager, MSP has the knowledge and experience to service your business. Because our approach is a holistic one, we understand that “sell now” isn’t always the best answer (when’s the last time you heard a broker say that!?!?).

Client’s Agenda

We broadly expose our listings to the market and often proactively market to the outside brokerage community. Many of our competitors keep their inventory in house and don’t expose it to the broader market. Some of them will tell you they “cooperate”, but what they don’t tell you is that they make cooperating brokers jump through hoops and divulge personal information about their Buyer before releasing information about the opportunity. This tactic helps our competitors keep more Seller-paid commissions in the pockets of the listing broker, but this is at the expense of the very Client they are supposed to be serving! At MSP Group, the Client’s agenda is the ONLY Agenda!